Trachycarpus sp. Nova

Green princeps

This palm was grown from seed thought to be Trachycarpus princeps, but turned out to be something completely different. Quite closely related to Trachycarpus fortunei, it grows at incredible speed and is the worlds fastest growing Trachycarpus. The adult leaf seems to be soft and finely divided and as a young plant looks like a Trachycarpus martianus.

Only time will tell, but we hope this palm will become a graceful slim trunked and fast growing Trachycarpus, hopefully with the grace of Trachycarpus martinaus and the hardiness of Trachycarpus fortunei!
HardinessProtect below -7°c
WateringWater moderately
SunLight shadow / sun
Comes fromChina-Himalaya

Trachycarpus sp. Nova
Pot: 0,7 ltr., 450 grams.  € 10.35
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