Compost maker

Compost maker

Accelerates and promotes the decomposition of organic waste from kitchen and garden. The substances in this compost maker are essential for the healthy proliferation of microorganisms.

Organic-mineral NP fertilizer uses vegetable substances from food consumption and animal feed production, carbonate of magnesium lime, ammonium sulfate, sand and Glycerin for binding.

4.0% N Nitrogen
4.0% P2O5 Phhosphate

2.7% N ammonium Nitrogen
0.5% K2O water-soluble Potassium
4.0% MgO Magnesium oxide
1.5% S total Sulphur
1.5% S water-soluble Sulphur
6.0% CaO Calcium oxide
45% Organic matter
Compost maker
5 kilograms. Fast composter 5kg € 7.80
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