Citrus aurantifolia 'Lime Verde'

Persian lime, Tahiti lime

The lemon tree is a perfect aromatic plant on the terrace or in your garden. The sweet smell of leaves and flowers indicate that the plant will soon bear fruit.

It bears a small, round citrus, green fruit the size of a tangerine which are a delicious and fresh food that can be used for soft drinks. They have medicinal properties known since ancient times. The lemon tree can be put outside in spring, once past the last frost. Water only moderately, excess water can harm your plant!

If you find your lemon tree branches are too long, prune to the desired shape in autumn. Stop supplying fertilizer during the cold period and protect from frost.
Hardiness Zone 11 (+ 2 ° C).
HardinessKeep above 0°c
WateringLikes dry conditions
SunLight shadow / sun

Citrus aurantifolia
Tot. height: 60-80cm, pot: 2 ltr., 1.85 kilograms.  € 9.95
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