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mypalmshop:What do our clients say?

What do our clients say?

Hi guys Thanks for updating DPL just received the sp kumaon and nova, both are brilliant.
Thanks a Million

Adrian Rowe

ello the plant i receive where very beautiful ; many greetings , do you have anothers species of cyathea ? perhaps little plant or in the same price?
Lionel LeBreton

Many thanks for the fast delivery of this order-the palms are lovely. The Syagrus was over 2.5 metres but travelled very well with its fronds being folded (box 1.65 metres)-a better solution than cutting.

Vriendelijke groeten


Terry, UK

Thank you for this beautiful squarrosa! Best plantshop in eu!!!!
Greats Georg :-)

Georg Enser

Thank you for my Order - it is a very nice plant and a very good quality! PERFECT!!!!

Hello, my order arrived safely today (Monday 18th). Lovely plants, thanks very much.
Terry Ryall

Good Morning,

Just want to say I am delighted with your plants.
Many thanks for your quick and quality service.


Hello - Thank you very much for sending to me these 4 plants. Very, very nice quality, sent quickly. Perfect transaction to me in England from you in Holland.

I wanted to tell you how happy I am!

Andrew Bell

I received the plants and everything looked great.
The Jubaea is a stunner, thank you.

Joakim Szabo

I received the shipment today.

Thank you very much. That was fast and the plants are wonderful.

Thank you indeed,

Timothée Paris

You have updated the webb-site MyPalmshop, think it looks great, new fresh pictures of the palms! Well done!
Soon I will order a palm from you! I do hope you will send a really nice one; topquality!

Herbert Jonsson

I received my tree fern today. MARVELLOUS! A real beauty for my room. And so well packed and transported; it arrived in perfect state. Thanks and best wishes!
Petra Versluis

I discovered Mypalshop a little over a year ago and I am very pleased overall with the quality of the packages and plants. Occasional slight problems are only normal. Thank you for your professionalism and I will continue to order your plants with confidence.
Good day
Olivier DEZERT
Olivier DEZERT

Really super fast delivery and the palm trees are very beautiful .
Unbeatable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moreover you communicate very well. THANK YOU

Unfortunately, I 'm not on Facebook so can't give you a super good review .
I would have rated you a 5 ***** ?
I will always buy from you again and will recommend you to my circle of acquaintances .
Thanks a lot.
Best regards from Hameln
Lutz Beyer
Lutz Beyer, Hameln

Hello Emiel,
It´s my pleasure giving compliments for good work!
Feel free to use the pictures and we will talk soon.

Kind regards, Ede

Ede, Vollsjö, Sweden

Hi, parcel arrived in good condition.

I will do another order soon.

Best regards,

Stephen, England

A big thank you for the quality of the plants and packaging which I received yesterday. You were very quick and we like that!

Great idea to pack with straw; environmentally friendly and good for my daughter's rabbit! Once more, thanks for everything. I will recommend you and will order again soon!
J. Pires

Today I received my order in excellent condition and very good packaging. Thanks very much!
Stephane Gauvrit

We received the plants and they look good,thank you very much !
Severine Dubel, France

Hello again!
Below, you can see how big one of yours Trachycarpus Fortunei has become. I received it from you april 2015 and now it has produced 5 new fronds. I am so satisfied with this palm :-)

Herbert Jonsson

Thanks for your photos!

My plants arrived ok today. Travelled well. Love the healthy Aspidistras, much bigger than the previous ones I had from you.

Will do another order soon.


I would just like to thank you for the tree fern I ordered which was delivered today and is already planted into my conservatory bed.

I was extremely pleased by both the quality and size of the plant I ordered, and I felt it was excellent value for money.

Thank you for your help. It is always very pleasing to get both rapid delivery and an excellent quality of plant when ordered.

Adrian Fox, Breil, France

Thanks! Didn't know that they had been sent after the weekend. All my friends are content with you so I'm sure I'll be happy too.
Gailliaert Nico, Heusdan, Belgium

Dear Herbert and Gardenpalms Team
On your website I see that there is not much information available about this palm: Trachycarpus Princeps new form.
Last year, mid-2014, I took the decision to order the palm from your company. I wanted the largest offered on your webshop.
After much doubtbing as to whether or not to plant in the ground, I took the risky decision to plant in mid-October, which is very late for planting of palms.
The plant went unprotected through the wet winter, and suffered first rain, then snow and frost.
Of course, as a result spear-rot occurred. I was able to easily pull out the entire spear. The long leaves remained green. I was disappointed, but thought "Oh well, it's my own fault".
But the story continues. Without any treatment, after two months with a gaping hole where the spear should have been sudden growth occurred!
This palm is fully restored with four opened leaves and a nice new spear - what a relief.
My conclusion. Superb palm with incredible resilience and vigor.
So this is my story and experience of winter in the 2014 and 2015 season.
I planted in sandy soil and exposed to full sun from morning till evening. Wind is given free rein. And because it pretty close to a concrete barrier the soil can remain damp for quite a while, despite very good drainage.
I would like to experience this with other palms. Do you have a promo set with just this kind? So I can investigate further experience with this palm and share with you. Only Princeps new form.
I live in Ronse (East Flanders) Belgium, the Flemish Ardennes.
Here are some pictures, so you see the progress of this plant.
Devoet Jean-Marie
JmC4c (Moderator Palmvrienden.net)
Jean-Marie Devoet, Moderator Palmvrienden.net, Belgium

Thanks for your photos!

My plants arrived ok today. Travelled well. Love the healthy Aspidistras, much bigger than the previous ones I had from you.

Will do another order soon.

Sharon Chapman, France

Thank you for the palms
I've received them and they are prefect

Lecetre Thierry, Saint Pierre d'Oleron


Just wanted to say the order arrived safely in warm wales!!

Thanks for how quickly you sent these healthy plants.

John Strefford, Wales

I would like to thank you for the fast delivery, did not think that it be so quick an trouble-free. I will be recommending you!
Scheuermann, Husum

i received my pakage everything was good, and a big thank you to you for your gift, i'm very happy!
Samir Bouaga

Thanks for your photos!

Here are a few pictures that you can to use as a reference .

I was very pleased with the palm trees. No appreciable damage . Great !

Best Regards
Claus Deutsch, Untergruppenbach

Thanks for your photos!

Here's pictures i took today, and the new area i need to fill with your plants :) you will recognize some of your plants on the pictures:)
Samir Bouaga, France

Thanks for your photos!

Arrived Friday, excellent specimen..showed it on the Hardy Exotics forum.

Quick arrival too!

Wayne Meyers
Greater London

Wayne Meyers, Greater London

I received the order today,
great plants in exellent condition,
all feel good and planted in our finnish ground.
Many thanks and all the best wishes!
Antti K.

Antti K, Finland

I got the 6 boxes this afternoon ,
beautiful plants and all in place now
thank you very much for the wonderful all-round experience of buying from your company.

already more ideas for my wee scottish garden

thanks again

cheers a very happy john

John Bertram

Thank-you for the email below. Just to let you know our palms were delivered safely this morning and we are delighted with our purchase. They are excellent and surpassed all expectations with regards quality and value for money. They will take pride & place on our garden patio, and for all our visitors that will no doubt ask where did we buy such splendid plants from, we will have no hesitation in highly recommending "Mypalmshop.com".

It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank-you for providing us with such an excellent service.

Alan and Pam Ritchie

Just to say how pleased we were with this order. Splendid palms and arrived very quickly too. I have recommended friends to your Web site.
John Ducker

Hello I am writing to let you know I am very pleased with my recent order of plants that I received today.
Peter McMullen

Of course you can use my pictures, big pleasure :)

I'm also promoting MyPalmShop on a french palmforum called (fous de palmier) i put pictures of what i order to mypalmshop, tell good things and push people to buy from your company too, :)

Samir Bouaga, France

Thanks for your photos!

thanks for info Herbert!
here is few pics of my garden also place where your plantes will end up :)
best regards from Split

Ante Karanuši, Split

Thanks for your photos!

I am very satisfied
palmshop respect the customer
I will be ordering again
thank you very much

G.M., Belgium

I would like to say thank you for my plants…
Which are superb ! and well packed.

Ray Rathbone, Cornwall, UK

Wonderful plant!! Many thanks!
Avra, Cambridge, UK

I was wondering if/when you are getting new stock - evergreen ferns and tree ferns mainly. Looking forward to ordering a few when they're in.

Great plants and website service by the way,


All arrived fine. Principles was a bit lose but added more soil. Sure they will be fine. Lovely palms many thks. And will recommend. Ian

just like to say thanks for the palms ,I was very impressed with them cant express just how much will certainly buy from you again, very good sized plants excellent quality I am just a novice grower so hope I, don’t manage to kill them would be a shame, do you ever have hybrid palms , like two cold hardy varieties say Parajubaea sunkha crossed with Butia eriospatha and also pure parajubaea microcarpa, which is this the hardiest palm which one is the most water, and moisture tolerant of the parajubaeas is there one?

David Revill, UK

Palms + others arrive today safe and sound !
Nice looking healthy plants.. Many thanks!

Kind Regards,

Lähetetty laitteesta Windowsin sähköposti
Juha Karu, Finland


Today I received the order.

I am very happy with the perfect packing and quality of the maples.

I congratulate you on the quality of their service .... !!!!!

Juan Carlos Casas
, Madrid

Some years ago, one could buy Alianthus Altissima almost everywhere and they were very inexpensive. Recently I tried to buy some and found them extremely difficult to obtain and the few that were available were very expensive. It was similar with Tertapanax Papyfera. The few places that did stock them were invariably out of stock though I did buy some on e-bay. One good place to buy a variety of hardy palms is based in Holland. They have pams like Trachycarpus Takil that are difficult to obtain. Their palms are of good size and quality and delivery is also good. and you can order in English. Contact via; www.mypalmshop.com
European Palm Society, UK

Geoffrey Squire
United Kingdom
Posts: 66 Posted: 20 Mar 2014 11:34pm

A good supplier of palms are the Dutch firm 'Mypalmshop' Their specimens are very good quality and generous sizes and packed well and delivered very quickly and you can order in English. Note the prices are in Euros so they are cheaper than at first looks. Find them on the internet at Mypalmshop.
Geoffrey, European Palm Society Forum

Yes the package arrived this morning. Plants are in perfect shape. Thank you.


Jean-Michel Dupuyoo

Jardin Zoologique Tropical

Mr. Dupuyoo, France

Hi Herbert,
i get my package yesterday is super.
Thank you for the qualities of your service and beautifull vegetals.
Best regards
David wolf

David Wolf, France

Dear Herbert!
My Trachycarpus Khasa Hill and the pott have successfully arrived today!
Thanks a lot!
Best regards

Mr. Johnsson, Sweden

I receive today my order
which I thank you about
all plant are wonderful 13 plants

some are in extraordinaire size like parajubaea

I have to do some work now

my next order will be in duration I told you maybe early
with the plants I reserved

I need sometime to reorganize my place

also I like buy the missing first plants

see you again next days by mail

attachment with my alternative mail
Mr. George

Mr. George, Greece

Herbert,Parajubaea arrived here in the UK this morning,very nice plant,many thanks.

Mike Kenchington.

Sent from my iPhone
Kenchington, UK

Dear Herbert,
thank you verry much for quick respond.

Yes, i have a lot of space, and the truck can come verry easy.
It is not a problem.

I will have a new order after new year. I didnt know before for your page. It is amaizing.

Best regards,

Leon Tadic

Mr. Tadic, Croatia

Thanks. The ferns are doing well, in fact the C. cooperi are growing as well as the C. tomentossima. The Dicksonia isn't growing yet, but it is winter here. I'll have to write a nice review of your nursery on Dave's Garden Watchdog. Best wishes during the holiday season.
Botanical portraits and landscape photography, UK

The order arrived yesterday.
All the palms are ok and healty.

Enviado desde mi iPhone
Mr. Munoz Tebar, Spain

Good day, dear Palmshopteam....

With pleasure we would like to announce, that all the plants feels good.
Those who were mistakenly sent the wrong time, even after freezing - not show damage...Thank you fulfill my request a minimal casting plant, it also a very protect from frost. Everything is very well !

I want to thank you very much for such a beautiful and healthy plants ...

But I have a question for you, maybe you can help me in this case...
You have a very wide range plants offer...

I very much looking of such plants, in a quantity - but the small size:

Cyathea dealbata x3
Cyathea tomentosissima x1
Cyathea cooperi x 3
Cyathea cunninghamii x3
Cyathea medullaris x 2
Dicksonia fibrosa x 2
Dicksonia squarrosa x2

Maybe you have, or is an opportunity that you will be?

With Kind Regards
agija, Lithuania

I recieved the order today thanks. Everything was good except for the Agave victorae-reginae which was frosted in the central growing point. The centre was blackened, soft and wet and it pulled out very easily. Hopefully you can replace/refund this item. I was impressed by the quality of the other plants and speed of delivery. Thanks, Mike Webb.
M. Webb, UK

Thank you for my replacement plants received a few days ago.

Kind regards,

Rod Begbie
R. Begbie, UK

Hello Mr. Herbert , the Butia Gigantea is beautiful and impressive, have you maybe more or was the last in this size?
Denis, United Kingdom

Ok thanks, I received all and every thing is ok, thanks for the present Yucca.
Have nice Christmas and Happy New Year

Paolo, Italy

Hello. I got my order today after you shipped it out earlier this week. Thanks so much. Everything looks to be in great shape. I ordered S. Antarctica C. Cooperi and C. Tomentossisma. Please let me know. Thanks.
Aaron Sipf
Sassari, Italy
A. Sipf, Italy

Hello Herbert,

I'm very pleased to inform you that yesterday September 18 was given your shipment and I congratulate you on the excellent quality and Status of the plants supplied.

Have a nice day,

Nicolas, Spain

Dear Mypalmshop

i have to tell you that some others nurseries
call me also with offers
but i will buy from you maybe and 10 times
and then i will see what else
in duration order by order 3 months per 2 or 3 months
so is better for me

becuase you have best quality in good size and better prices

Mr. tsopozidis from Greece
Mr. Tsopozidis, Greece

Dear Mr. Riphagen,

"Errare humanum est ". I thank you for your mail and your proposition. I appreciate that very much.
I'll contact you in Spring to know if the palm is available and to make a new order .

Bien cordialement,

Gérard Delanoy
Gerard Delanoy, France


I successfully got my delivery of 2 Melaleucas today, thank you for that.

A few month ago I ordered some Melaleucas too, approximately in the same age as those I git from you. But in the end they are not as big as yours.
I'm keeping them in the recommanded parameters and use a special fertiliser (Hakaphos).
May I ask you which fertiliser you use and do you make something special in growing up the plants?

Kind regards
Dominik Wyder
Dominik Wyder, Germany

Hallo Palmshop Team,
hallo Herr Riphagen,

the plants are here Many thanks for the present. A pretty palm.
Thank you for everything and a wonderful weekend.


Dieter Gruczinski
Dieter Gruczinski, Berlin


My friend from Croatia recommended you to me, he bought from you a lot of palm trees and was very happy!

Thanks for your time.

Rudolf Málek

Rudolf Malek, Croatia

Dear Mr. Riphagen,

the second parcel has arrived one day later (August, 1st).

Many thanks for the fast delivery. The quality of the plants is excellent.
I can only recommend your shop to all treefern-lovers

Greetings from Austria

Werner Madritsch
Werner Madritsch