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What is the hardiest palm?

This would be the Raphidophyllum hystrix. Also, the real Trachycarpus takil and the Trachycarpus sp. Kumaon can take a lot of frost

Can I plant out my trees/plants straight away after receiving my order?

Our plants and trees are grown in a green house. We recommend letting them adapt to the sun before putting them in the sun completely. If you plant out a plant/tree in full sun straight away, they might get sunburn.

Are cyatheas hardy?

Cyathea ferns are best kept indoors during the winter and should be kept above zero degrees.

What palm tree makes a nice present?

The most popular present is the Trachycarpus wagnerianus in a 27cm pot. Great for in the lounge, terrace or balcony or planted out in the garden. It requires little attention so anyone can nurture one of these!

How quickly will my Trachycarpus grow?

In general a well-rooted Trachycarpus which is watered well can grow 20cm in trunk-length per year!

What's the best season to transplant palm trees?

The best season to transplant palm trees is the spring and early summer.

Jubaea chilensis looks fantastic but I have heard that it doesn't grow very quickly in Germany. Is this true?

In general, winter-hardy palms aren't fast growers and it takes them longer than other palms to develop good roots. Larger palms may even take more than one year. It's important to protect the plant well during the first winter so that it can establish deep roots. A well rooted Jubaea can develop faster then you might think during a hot summer! However, its minimal growth temperature is on average higher than other winter-hardy palms and so you might be dissapointed after a cool summer.

I have heard that you can remove the bark of some palm trees to achieve a 'tropical' or coconut look. Do you recommend doing this?

Yes, using a special technique. We'd draw your attention to the fact that the hairs have a purpose in contributing to hardiness. If you do this, give your palm an extra layer of hessian in the winter to protect it!

What are your top 10 plants?

Trachycarpus princeps, Trachycarpus wagnerianus, Trachycarpus fortunei, Trachycarpus takil, Washingtonia robusta,
Phoenix roebellinii, Yucca rostrata,
Yucca rigida, Jubaea chilensis, Chamaerops humilis

What should I use as complementary planting for my Trachycarpus wagnerianus

Hardy Yucca rostrata has beautiful colours (silver/blue). You can also plant a small accompanying Trachycarpus wagnerianus. A Dicksonia antartica in the background or a banana such as the hardy Musa sikkimensis from Bhutan is also an excellent choice.

Is a Trachycarpus Takil the same thing as a Kumaon palm?

Mypalmshop sells real Trachycarpus takil. These come from the Kalamuni area. The Kumaon species comes from a border area between Nainital and Kalamuni and has characteritics of both. This plant has been tested in our own experimental garden and should survive around -20C unprotected. At the moment this seems to be the best Trachycarpus for the winter!

I've heard that there are various types of Trachycarpus princeps. What's the best? And do you sell it?

There are plenty of 'fake' Trachycarpus princeps plants out there. The only 'real' princeps has a blue-grey top to the leaf and a silver underside. A new 'hybrid' is appearing on the internet and is being promoted as the real princeps, but this has a green leaf top and silver underside. Some are even green on both sides. This is no princeps at all but a Trachycarpus sp. Nova!

When is the best time to buy and plant palms?

Between the end of March and the end of August.

If I buy a palm late in the season, should I pot it first and plant out in the spring?

In mid-Europe you shoudn't really plant out later than August-mid September, otherwise you can expect problems. It's better to allow the plant to develop roots in a protected place in its pot during the winter and to plant out in a nice place in the spring.

How do you ensure that your palms are properly rooted?

Expecially after the winter this can be a problem. Without good roots the palm may have problems taking up fertilizers and other substances. So it's important to develop new roots. Palmbooster works wonders if applied in a double dose during the first two months after the winter. Palmbooster is also used professionally for planting and transplanting palms

What is hardiest, a feather palm or a fan palm?

Without doubt, fan palms are hardier. In particular, the Trachycarpus and Raphidophyllum are cold-resistant.

Will a Washingtonia robusta get throught the winter in my garden in southern England?

A Washingtonia is not winter-hardy and will certainly fail without protection. However, if adequately protected, this beauty will survive!

We get a lot of wind in our garden, what plants are best suited to a windy location?

Without doubt the Trachycarpus wagnerianus. Other palms with leaves which tolerate wind are Trithinax campestris, Chamaerops humilis vulcano and the real Trachycarpus takil.

Can you recommend plants for a seaside location - we live near Quiberon in Brittany, France

The Trachycarpus wagnerianus is an excellent choice as its stiff leaves can tolerate a lot of wind. Butia odorata (Butia catarinensis) is also to be recommended for areas with salty sea-air.

Are there still 'undiscovered' palms?

Yes, every year exciting new palm trees are discovered.

Where do the best palm trees come from

With regard to quality, the best palms come directly from the nursery. They have then not been acclimatising recently. MyPalmshop cultivates 90% of its own produce itself in a massive (20000m2) greenhouse.

I have read that palms will grow here in Poznan, Poland. Can you confirm this?

Yes! Enjoy your palms!

I am moving from France to Denmark. Can I take my tree-ferns and palms with me?

Yes, that's certainly possible. Try to remove as many palms in the spring and pot them up to develop the roots. Don't plant out later than August. If you move in the autumn you should have had them potted out several months in advance and should leave them potted until the next spring. Then you can plant out again.

Can you eat the leaves of a palm tree?

That of the Euterpe edulis is a delicacy in some countries, but in general palm leaves are not edible.

How can I propagate my Dicksonia antartica or other treeferns?

Tree ferns like plenty of water and are by nature shade-dwellers. So plant in the shade and keep extra moist on sunny days. You can also water the crown of the plant. Try to keep the acidity of the soil around 5.5pH

My neighbour said I shouldn't water my palm tree because in nature they grow in deserts. Is this true?

No true! Many palms drink much more than you would imagine. A general rule: below 17C palms really don't grow much so keep the ground lightly moist. No more than this, particularly since water can transmit cold to the roots and you don't want that to happen in times of frost! Above 17C and particularly during heat waves the palms should be watered abundantly!

What other really hardy palms are available ?

The hardiest are the Trachycarpus species, Raphidophyllum hystrix and Jubaea chilensis but with some protection it is also possible to try out some others like Brahea armata, Butia decumbens,Butia dulcis,Butia moorei, Butia capitata, Butia eriospatha, Butia microspadix,Butia paraguayensis, Butia yatay, Chamaedorea radicalis, Chamaerops humilis, Phoenix dactylifera, Phoenix theophrastii, Sabal etonia, Sabal mexicana, Sabal palmetto, Sabal uresana, Trachycarpus latisectus, Trachycarpusoreophilus, Trachycarpus martianus (Nepal form),Trachycarpus princeps and Butia eriospatha.

How is information on cold hardiness to be interpreted ?

The web site shows you from temperature you have to protect your palm. This is more helpful and accurate than claiming what your plant can tolerate. Your palm may well be able to take some more frost than our website tells. But be aware that in combination with the wind and others factors the real temperature can drop down at night much more - don't lose your palm!

What are the hardiest palms ?

Some examples are Rhapidophyllum hystrix, Sabal minor, Trachycarpus nanus, Sabal x texensis, Nannorrhops ritchiana, Trachycarpus takil, Trachycarpus fortunei, Trachycarpus wagnerianus, Serenoa repens, Jubaea chilensis, Chamaerops humilis var. cerifera and Trithrinax campestris.

Which palms are the fastest growing ?

A small selection of very fast growing palms is Caryota maxima (Himalaya), Washingtonia robusta, Syagrus botryophora, Wallichia disticha, Veitchia arecina, Syagrus romanzoffiana, Roystonea oleracea, Dypsis cabadae, Chamaedorea tepejilote, Carpentaria acuminata, Archontophoenix alexandrae and Archontophoenix cunninghamiana.

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