Minimal delivery costs, clearly shown

We strive for keeping the prices as low as possible. That includes our delivery costs. That is why we offer you the cheapest prices for shipment over all of Europe. Both our packages as well as our pallets have the lowest prices available.

The best deal calculated on line

As you order, our system will automatically works out the best possible price for you and shows you how many 30Kg boxes will be sent to you on screen. If it's cheaper to send you your goods by pallet, or you choose very large/heavy plants that will be clearly shown!

30Kg boxes sent rapidly and cheaply to your door

Our postal prices are breathtakingly low and we transport to nearly all European countries.

Here you can look up our postal charge per 30kg package for your country:

A box of 30Kg is a lot!

You can get all these plants in a single 30Kg box!

Fast, inexpensive pallet delivery to most European countries



If your order doesn't fit in a box, we'll send it on a pallet for you. The charges will be automatically calculated for you when you place your order. Here you can look up the prices per pallet for your country:

Environmentally friendly straw




We send tens of packages all over Europe each and every day and take trouble that our packaging has a minimal environmental impact. We use straw because it's biodegradable and the gardener can reuse it for compost, soil improvement and winter insulation! So don't throw that straw away, it's our free gift to you!

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