Trees form the heart of our environment and often of our gardens. A tree is not bought just for one season, but often for a lifetime or longer. Some species, such as the Giant Sequoia, can become incredibly old. This species can reach the impressive height of 76 metres (200 feet) and a diameter of 9 metres (30 feet)! There are known species of Sequoia that are three thousand years old ... not the kinds that are suitable for small gardens, although obtainable on our site.

More tree species

Besides that, there are of course many other tree species that are less impressive yet remarkably beautiful. Trees can vary enormously in terms of style, leaf colour, trunk, shape and branches, size and growing preferences. So before buying a tree and placing it randomly in your garden, first find out what kind of tree you like and where in the garden it will grow best. Our range of trees mainly consists of evergreen specimens, such as spruce, pine and cypress. But we also have exotic trees in our collection that are very well suited to cool and oceanic or even Nordic climates, for example olive tree, palm tree and tree ferns.

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