Tree ferns

You can achieve a lot in your garden with tree ferns. They are available in almost all lengths and widths, ranging from small potted plants to four-meter high colossi. In recent years, tree ferns have become very popular in European gardens. For a large part thanks to their exceptional, elegant foliage. Under optimal conditions, some specimens can grow up to four meter (12 feet) long leaves! In the Netherlands, however, they rarely grow larger than "only" two meters. In our latitudes tree ferns do not generally grow larger than the size of a human.

Dicksonia antarctica

The Dicksonia Antarctica is a species that has become very popular in Western Europe. The great advantage of this tree fern is that it is frost-resistant to temperatures of -7 to -10 ° C. It can therefore get through the winter in your garden without any problems. Like many other ferns, the Dicksonia is particularly suited to partial shade. And like all ferns it needs a good dose of humidity. Apart from the Dicksonia, we have a large range of other beautiful tree ferns for the garden, such as the colourful and mysterious Cyathea. Also, take a look at our exotic fruit trees!

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