Tree Accessories

Planting a tree often entails more than simply digging a hole and placing the tree in it. It is in fact the moment that you can provide your tree with a good start in the garden. It is particularly important to give young trees and plants some help during their growth. The large range of accessories that we offer on our website will help you do this. We have various types of fertilizer and compost in our collection. Ideal for enriching poor soil, these products will help your new trees to grow well.

Irrigation kits and more

On our website you will also find irrigation kits. With these kits the distribution of water to young plants in pots and containers becomes particularly easy. The irrigation system has a water meter indicating whether the plants need watering. If so, it automatically adds water, so that the plants always have the right amount of water to grow at their best. In our collection of tree accessories, you will find lawn border, winter protection and a wide range of pots and fertometer tools. Everything you need for the maintenance of your trees! Also, take a look at our tree ferns!

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