Trachycarpus palm: hardy and versatile

The Trachycarpus palm is one of our favourite palm trees and also one of the best-selling ones. The hardy Trachycarpus fortunei and Trachycarpus wagnerianus may have already found a nice place in your garden. But there are other beautiful Trachycarpus trees available in all shapes and sizes, with varying hardiness and growth characteristics. Have a look here and meet this versatile palm tree.

Various species

Are you looking for a palm tree that can survive even a cold, windy winter? Then go for the Trachycarpus takil. This plant is native to the Himalayas (Indian side), where it can grow at altitudes of up to 2800 meters (9000 feet). It easily withstands temperatures of -13 ° C. For hobbyists looking for something special, we have the Trachycarpus princeps in our collection. This is a rare palm tree that has enchanting leaves with silver edges. And for those who, like us, are big fans of Trachycarpus, we have composed a Trachycarpus family set. A fun way to get acquainted with the different types of this special palm tree.

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