Garden tools

No gardener can do without good tools! For every growing stage of a plant a different tool is required. Sowing, moving, binding, irrigating, harvesting, pruning and when neccesary covering against frost; in our webshop you will find the best garden tools that will last a long time and are very useful. Here you can find spades, work gloves, saws, pruning shears and binding materials, which you will receive within a few days after ordering.

Specialist garden tools

In our part of the world we often do not know what to expect from the weather. That is why some plants require artificial light and manual irrigation. For this purpose specialist material is needed. Some plants need very precise irrigation. With these plants it is important to know exactly how much moisture they still have left before the next drink is given. In our webshop you will find various moisture meters that accurately indicate how much water the plant needs. If you are looking for an artificial light and heat source, we can offer good solutions. In order to be able to utilise the maximum growth potential, it is useful to measure whether extra fertiliser is needed. For this you can use a fertometer which you will find in our assortment. Have a look here at all our accessories.

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