Pond plants

A pond adds an interesting dimension to the garden. It's a world in itself with its own collection of plants and animals. Ponds are made in different sizes and shapes. It is quite possible to build a pond in a smaller garden. To be able to create a beautiful pond, you need to use the best materials, which you can find in our webshop. In addition to practical items such as pond equipment, pond bottom liners and other tarpaulins of various shapes and sizes, we have an extensive collection of aquatic plants and pond accessories to turn your pond into a paradise for fish and other animals.

Pond Maintenance

Once the pond is built, you can start enjoying it, but it also needs maintenance. With proper care and use of the right tools, your pond is kept nice and clean. There are various types of pond plant that you can use to create a beautiful effect. Water lilies, for example, that float on the water or many types of grass that you can grow at the edges of the pond. With pond accessories you can customize your pond and adapt it to the style of your garden.

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