Plant accessories

Special plants have special needs. With the right equipment for each group of plants, your gardening becomes easier. We have a range of products to help you take good care of your garden plants. If you grow your plants under optimal conditions, they will flourish. Here you will find fertilizers and composts, both of which are very important to optimize the growth of your plants. There are different types of fertilizers and nutrients available for each plant family.

Meters and tools

Nutrients and fertilizers are important, but here we have other plant accessories which will also help you succeed in gardening. For example, soil testers so that you can determine the best place for your plants. If it's too cold, you can warm up your greenhouse with an electric fan. Drought can be fought with a special hose or irrigation drip. We also stock winter protection solutions, bamboo screening and, of course, an extensive range of pots and containers

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