Special trees

Are you looking for a special tree that no one else has got? In that case you are looking on the right page. Here you will find special, exotic types that you normally do not see in our country. These special trees can grow well in our part of the world, provided they get the right care. A good example of such a special tree is the strawberry tree. This shrub flowers in the autumn, which ensures an optimal effect in your garden, since most other plants and trees will have already finished blossoming by then.

Exotic trees

If you really want to go for an exotic garden, you could, for example, choose a lemon tree. This special tree not only bears delicious fruit, but gives off a very pleasant fragrance during the flowering period. Of course there are many more species of special trees, including various buxus plants, the carob tree or the Californian cypress. Many of these special trees also bear fruit. When buying, pay attention to the instructions that are listed. Some species have to go inside during the winter because otherwise it will be too cold for them.

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