Other ferns

Are you looking for ferns? In this category you can find our more unique ferns. Most of these are small ferns. These smaller ferns are suitable for planting in shady areas. They can also be used as ground cover under larger, solitary plants. The average height of these smaller ferns is between 50 centimetres (1.5 feet) and 100 centimetres (3 feet). All these ferns are hardy, which means you do not have to put them indoors in winter. However, the leaves of the Cyrtomium fortunei, for example, need to be covered in autumn.

Are ferns always green?

In general fern leaves are green. But there are also ferns with other colours, such as brown, red and silver! Furthermore, some ferns are not wintergreen. So if you want to choose a unique plant species, have a look at our collection.

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