Decorate your garden with these special edible plants!

If you would like to add something special to your garden, you could consider edible plants, trees and shrubs. Not only will you be able to pick the best fruits in your own garden, these plants look great as well. They add a special element to your garden, especially when they are carrying lots of delicious fruits! At you will find a wide range of edible plants.

Product range

There are various types of edible plants available. Here you can find trees that produce fruits that are widely available in Western Europe, but you can also find more exotic fruit trees in our webshop. Have you, for example, ever thought of putting a lime tree in your garden? Not only does it look great, the fruit it produces smells wonderful when ripe! But we also sell trees like the Red tiger banana and the Yellow gooseberry. Let us surprise you in our webshop!

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