Origin of the olive tree

The olive tree or olive plant (Olea Europaea), is used in the Mediterranean to produce products such as olive oil and edible olives. However, the olive tree also occurs in areas such as Bermuda, California and the Levant. This fantastic plant is completely embedded in our culture and is fortunately grown worldwide. It is one of the most popular plants for the home and garden at the moment.

How do I maintain my olive tree?

Because the olive is a Mediterranean plant, it loves sun and it is important to provide protection below -7 ° C and to keep it moist. With its light green leaves it will be a delight all year round. The plant is best placed in a sunny, well-drained place in a large tub or in the open ground. Because olive trees do not like low temperatures, it is advisable to protect the plant well in the winter months. The plant is known to be a slow grower. That's why Olive Focus helps provide more, better tasting olives. This liquid olive compost is suitable for olive trees in pot or container. Check out our palms or special palms! The fantastic olive is such an important plant that it is embedded in our culture. We associate it with the Mediterranean area, providing us with oil and, of course, edible olives. But the plant is also native to areas such as Bermuda, California and the Levant and is grown world wide!

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