Non-clumping bamboo

Bamboo can be invasive (non-clumping). The bamboo you planted on one side of the garden may suddenly emerge in another place, where you have planned to put in other plants. Or your neighbours are forced to share your love for bamboo, by suddenly discovering a bamboo growing in their own garden. The spreading of bamboo is a good survival strategy for bamboo species that grow in their natural habitat. In our gardens, however, we want prevent bamboo spreading. This can be achieved in several ways. You can, for example, use nets, boundaries and root barriers.

Each bamboo species needs its own type of root barrier

As mentioned, there are several ways to prevent bamboo from spreading. For the Phyllostachys bamboo you can best use an aluminum barrier, called a rhizome barrier. With this you also need an assembly set, which you can easily order from our webshop. For the popular Phyllostachys bissetii you should use a root barrier.The Phyllostachys nigra is a beautiful bamboo that can grow up to 10 metres high. To prevent this plant from spreading in your garden, you will have to use a rhizome barrier. On our website, we indicate with each bamboo how spreading can best be prevented. This way you can order the appropriate barrier together with your plant. Check out our ornamental grasses

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