Mulching to protect your plants

Mulching is the ideal way to protect delicate plants against the elements. In nature, in forests for example, during winter the roots of plants are protected by a thick layer of leaves and other organic materials. In summer, this layer protects the soil, and therefore the plants, from dehydration.

What is mulch?

There are different types of mulch available. Vermiculite, tree bark and grit are ideal products to use to protect your plants, retaining nutrients, improving the permeability of the soil and preventing unwanted vegetation. A mulch layer protects the most vulnerable parts of the plants against cold and prevents dehydration during warm and sunny weather conditions, so you are under less pressure to water them. As a mulch layer allows oxygen but no light to get through to the soil, weeds cannot develop. A mulch layer around your plants saves you time and money. Another great advantage is that it is organic, so it looks more beautiful and natural than artificial products. In our webshop you will find an extensive range of natural mulching materials.

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