Indoor palms provide your interior with tropical warmth

Are you longing for a tropical summer too? With our indoor palms you bring the summer into your home. On a cold winter evening, the summer may seem very far away. Outside the rain is hitting the windows. Inside you have got the heating on high and with a thick sweater and socks on and you are dreaming of a wonderful tropical summer holiday. A lovely holiday cottage in a garden full of beautiful palms. How wonderful would it be to have this summery atmosphere inside your home during the cold winter days? The indoor palm is the perfect solution. Indoor palms make your interior look green, summery and happy. On our website we offer a wide range of palms, so you can always find one that suits your interior.

Types of indoor palms

There are many different types of palms that do well in our living rooms. If you are looking for a date palm, for example, consider the exclusive Phoenix canariensis. Palms that are just that little bit different are the gray-blue Bismark palm (Bismarckia nobilis) and the Butia feather palms with very beautiful, curved leaves. The Washingtonia and Livistona are also popular indoor palms. We are happy to help you choose the plant that suits your home best. Also take a look at our outdoor palms.

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