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Are you looking for exotic plants for your garden? You are not the only one! Plants with an exotic appearance are becoming increasingly popular in Europe. Geraniums and tulips are beautiful of course, but an exotic palm tree can really enhance your garden. A garden full of exotics makes you feel you are on holiday in your own country. has an extensive range. All plants are hardy and can survive our western climate.

An extensive range has an extensive range of various exotic plants. Would you like to grow a variety of fruit trees in your garden? Our webshop offers, for example, banana, aronia berry and various types of kiwi tree. In our assortment you can also find Citrus, bamboo and large yuccas, such as the silvery Yucca rostrata on trunk. Would you like to create more of a desert look in your garden, then consider purchasing the Agave and the Dasylirion. Or what about the beautiful Bird of Paradise Flower? As you will already have noticed, there is something for everyone! Have a look and find out which trees are available in the assortment.

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