Exotic trees

With an exotic tree you can create a warm, tropical effect in your garden. In our wide range you will find a number of unique specimens. These exotic trees are an asset to any home or garden. How about a tree fern, for example the Tasman tree fern (Dicksonia Antarctica), an olive tree (Olea europaea), or an Orange tree (Citrus mitis)? In our extensive range you will also find the beautiful Ablizia and pawpaw trees.

Palm trees

In our webshop we have various types of palm trees, for example the Bismark Palm (Bismarckia nobilis), the Miniature Chusan Palm tree (Trachycarpus wagnerianus), and the desert palm (Washingonia robusta). A palm tree in your house or garden gives you a really summery feeling every time you look at it. If you are not sure whether the exotic plant you have in mind can be kept in your garden, you can read the short description that you can find with every tree in our webshop. This description includes the level of cold-resistancy of the exotic tree and the amount of water and sunlight it needs. Here you can usually also find out if the plant should be kept indoors or outdoors.

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