Exclusive plants

There is so much more you can do with your garden than what you see in your local garden centre. At MyPalmShop.com you will find a unique assortment of exclusive plants that you will not easily find anywhere else. These are plants that add a special element to your garden. Have a look, for example, at architectural gems like the Strelitzia reginae Paradise Bird Plant, or the recently discovered Wollemia and be convinced!

A wide range of exclusive plants

You create your garden primarily for yourself and your family, of course, but would it not be great when guests take a look at the beautiful plants in your garden with their mouths wide open? And when they ask you where you have found all these beautiful plants, you can put on a smile and say that you have got a special address for them. An address where you will find a wide range of mouthwatering special plants, shrubs and trees!

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