Always a green garden with evergreen ground covers

Would you like your garden to look beautifully green all year round? Surely you are not looking forward to your garden losing all its colour and your plants slowly but surely losing their splendour as soon as the temperature starts to drop? You do not have to worry about this with our special range of evergreen ground cover plants, which you can find at Here we have a unique range of plants that look beautiful all year round. Ground cover plants are essential for every garden. These plants suppress the growth of weeds in the garden and ensure that all other plants remain beautiful.

The most beautiful evergreen ground covers

In our category of evergreen ground cover plants you will find beautiful plants that are strong and can handle our climate well, like for example, the tongue fern, the Pachysandra and the sedge. But this is only a small selection from our complete range. We invite you to come and take a look at our website where you can find all the ground cover plants we have in our collection. You can also have a look at these plants in our showroom.

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