Edible exotic plants

At MyPalmShop.com you will find a very tasty assortment of exotic edible plants. We are of course all crazy about the usual strawberries and berries, but how about giving your garden an exotic appeal? Our exotic edible trees include not only various types of kiwi, but also plum and orange trees. Please keep in mind that these trees and shrubs are accustomed to a warmer climate than our own Dutch climate and that the plants must be protected when it gets too cold. If you take care of these fruit trees and fruit plants, you can enjoy delicious fruit from the garden!

Order exotic edible plants

If you decide to plant exotic edible trees, you are really adding something unique to your garden. These fruit trees and fruit plants do not only provide the tastiest fruit, they also look beautiful. Imagine having a tree in your garden full of beautiful, tasty fruit! We are happy to help you make a choice and supply you with advice on planting and care.

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