Desert plants

Desert plants originate from the driest areas on earth with less than 200mm annual rainfall. Europe, by comparison, has an average of between 500mm-1200mm annual rainfall. As all plants need moisture to survive, these plants have developed an ability to optimally retain the little water they can find. Often these plants are not only adapted to extreme droughts, but also to extremely high and/or extremely low temperatures. This type of plant can provide your garden with an exotic appearance and can add that little something to your garden. For example, the pointed, silvery blue and warm yellow Yuccas produce a spectacular flower stalk when they bloom. You will undoubtedly associate desert plants with cacti and other related plants, but there is more available at We offer a well-thought-out selection of various cacti, Agaves, desert palms, grasses and other desert plants. There are many important advantages to putting this type of plant in your garden:
  • these plants are used to extreme weather conditions;
  • they can take a beating;
  • you don't have to worry too much about watering these plants when you are on holiday;
  • you will have something other than your typical hydrangea or boxwood in the garden.

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