The Cyathea

The Cyathea is a unique addition to the garden! This tree fern genus has various species. As opposed to the Dicksonia Antarctica (another tree fern species), this plant is less resistant to cold and needs more care. Characteristic of this plant is its thick trunk. It can tolerate light frost, but should preferably be put inside in winter, where it will then also fill your home with a tropical atmosphere.

The right care

There are three types of Cyathea species that can grow in our European gardens. The easiest to grow is the Cyathea Australis. This plant also tolerates slightly more frost. The plants can reach an average height of up to a metre (3 feet), but there are also plants that can grow higher. The available sizes are listed here with the various species. These tree ferns can all be placed in partial to full shade and the soil should be kept moist. Whichever species you choose, you are guaranteed an eye-catching, special asset to your garden, that with the right care, you can enjoy for a long time!

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