The Conifer

Would you like to keep your garden nice and green for as long as possible? Then conifers are a good choice. These trees remain green throughout the year. This is partly because most species are hardy. Many of these trees can therefore be found In Scandinavia, but they are also common in Central Europe. Conifers do not have flat leaves, but needle-like ones. Examples of conifers are the pine and the cedar .

Various conifer species

There are various conifer species. has a great assortment of conifers, such as the green-tinted or the silver and blue-tinted types. We have, among others, the Korean fir, with shiny, blue-green needles, one of the most elegant species of the silver spruce family (see Abies koreana), the blue dwarf cedar with a creeping growth habit, and cedar trees. Whichever conifer you choose, you are assured of a beautiful, good quality tree that will be a great asset to your garden. During the winter months, and especially during holidays such as Christmas and New Year, these trees look spectacular under a layer of snow.

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