Carnivorous plants

A truly unique type of flora for indoor use is that of the carnivorous plants. These special plants extract nutrients not only from the animals they lure and digest, but also from the ground. Carnivorous plants can be grown all year round and it is possible to sow them yourself. With patience and a great deal of care the plants will emerge after about 6 weeks. You could also consider a pre-grown plant for your home. Carnivorous plants are really original and create a distinct aura in your home!


These plants will thrive in full sun, from which they obtain their colour. However, hot summer sun is best avoided. As carnivorous plants naturally grow in a wet, swampy environment, moisture is essential. Water which is too hard causes salts to settle in the soil which will damage the roots. Specialist nutrition is therefore crucial. Repotting Mix from Carnivorous Focus is a plant mix that mimics a swampy environment. The moisture content remains at a desired level and ensures that the plants will grow healthily. With this plant mix the carnivorous plants will stay healthy and in balance. Keep in mind that these plants need to be repotted once a year to achieve the right growth. Also take a look at our desert plants.

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