Bamboo and grasses create a jungle feel

The sound of the wind rustling through the leaves in a lush green garden reminds you of the jungle. To achieve this jungle effect, Bamboo and grasses make a great addition to your garden. An adult Phyllostachys for example, is a bamboo that is beautiful and large. It can really transform your garden into a jungle. Grasses can also add great visual effect to your garden, and can be planted almost everywhere. Have you heard, for example, of Miscanthus, Cortaderia (pampas grass) and Phormium? These architectural plants can give the garden a beautiful jungle look.

Not all bamboo species are invasive

Bamboo (but only the non-clumping bamboo) is known to be invasive. Invasive bamboo plants can suddenly surface in places where they have not initially been planted. Some people avoid using bamboo in their garden, afraid it might suddenly surface in their neighbour's garden. Fortunately not all bamboo species are invasive. There are also clumping bamboos. The Fargesia for example is a non-invasive species that grows slightly slower than the other bamboo species. For the non-clumping plants you can use bamboo root barriers. The Phyllostachys is a non-clumping species with nice thick stems with a diameter of up to 10 centimetres. Have a look in our bamboo and grass collection. Here you will also find our bamboo accessories. If you have any questions about the various species or about barriers for non-clumping bamboos, please feel free to contact us.

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