Exotic accessories and other equipment

What accessories and equipment do you need for the maintenance of your exotics? To keep your exotic plants in top condition we recommend our extensive range of fertilizers, plant supports, tools and other accessories. Exotic plants need specialised care. For this you need the right fertilizers, compost types and other specialised accessories. With the right accessories you can enjoy healthy and extremely strong exotics for a much longer period of time. We also think it is important that you have proper tools at your disposal and that you are able to protect your exotics from all weather conditions. We are happy to help you select good materials of long-lasting quality. Your exotic plants are also our concern and we are happy to help you on your way.

Our full range

We sell specialised fertilisers and composts for various types of bonsai, palm trees, cacti, camellias, olive trees and other exotics, both hardy and frost-sensitive. We also have a number of very useful tools and other exotic accessories in our range, such as fertilizer, insulation and protective products for exotic plants. We have, for example, heating cables, bubble wrap and plant supports in our assortment.

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