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Tree accessories


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Not just any old fertlizers and composts, here you can find that specific product to optimally care for your tree. We also have irrigation devices and edges, winter protection, an extensive range of pots, indicators and tools to indulge the avid tree lover!

4 in 1 Bluetooth Plant Care Monitor

+  250g.  € 39.95

Allflor Iron fertilizer

Iron Lawn Fertilizer

Can be used on lawns, gardens, shrubs, trees and roses. Promotes thick green turf without excessive growth.
Safe to use year round. Turns yellow foliage green.

Extra Iron for your plants. Use 25g per square metre.

+  10Kg. 1 x 10 Kg € 9.95

Anti Red Spider mite SMC

Spider mite Control

This is our favourite remedy for mites. It works mechanically – by suffocating them with an ultra-thin film of special oil. Completely safe to humans.
+  100g. Bottle 100ml € 12.95

Bioflor natural organic fertilizer

Bioflor natural organic fertilizer

Pure natural organic fertilizer to improve soil nutrients and nitrogen. Suitable for all garden crops and container, pot plants and formal planting.
+  2.25Kg. 1 x 2,5 kg € 7.95
+  4.45Kg. 1 x 5 kg € 12.95

Blue fertilizer

Blue fertilizer

The complete fertilizer for all plants in the vegetable, fruit and ornamental garden. Ensures balanced plant nutrition and ensures high returns.
NPK 8-8-8
+  5Kg. 1 x 5 Kg € 6.95
+  10Kg. 1 x 10 Kg € 10.95
+  25Kg. 1 x 25 Kg € 19.95

Bonsai Focus

Bonsai Fertilizer

Bonsai have a very limited space for root growth so they need feeding regularly. Soil fertility is an issue and Bonsai Focus is richly endowed with humic acid to maintain soil fertility over time.

For all species of Bonsai.
+  400g. Bottle 300ml € 4.95