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Ties and labels


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How many of the plants in your garden can you accurately identify? Our labels will help you keep track of what's what from seedling to tree. And our ties, twines and supports will give your plants a helping hand! A few labels and supports here and there bring order to gardening chaos ..

Bamboo Fence Tokyo

Bamboo screen-Trellis

Handmade. Diameter of the Poles are 7-8cm (2.5-3"). Painted with natural eggshell varnish. Height is 180cm (6 feet) and width 90cm (2.5').

Available extras:
2 component varnish for bamboo (for better durability and gloss)
+  Pallet delivery. 90cm x 180cm  € 117.50

Bamboo Plant Stake -Tonkin

Bamboo Plant Stake -Tonkin

High quality bamboo canes to tie your plants or for many other uses
+  4.5Kg. 25 pieces 120cm x Ø 12-14mm € 7.95
+  7Kg. 25 pieces 152cm x Ø 15-17mm € 13.95
+  Pallet delivery. 25 pieces 180cm x Ø 18-20mm € 19.95

beaked yucca

Gardener's bamboo trellis

Compact trellis made of bamboo sticks.
+  Pallet delivery. 90cm x 180cm € 44.95
+  Pallet delivery. 180cm x 180cm € 79.95

Black twine for bamboo screens and poles

Gardener's black twine

This strong black string is ideal for binding bamboe culms and poles together. Should be uses wet as it contracts and strengthens as it dries. 35m (100 feet) per ball.
+  2.5Kg. 1 x 35 Mtr. € 24.95

Coconut mat

Optimal antifreeze-Fence-Hedge

High quality (8 mm), 100% coconut fibers with natural latex as a binder - to cover pots and potted plants. To protect against wind, cold and snow on trees, shrubs and plants. Optimal antifreeze!

As well a good solution for a fence as this coconut mat is excellent in combination with climbers.
+  5Kg. Rol 100cm x 300cm € 20.95
+  9.5Kg. Rol 200cm x 300cm  € 39.95
+  Pallet delivery. Rol 200cm x 500cm € 69.95
+  Pallet delivery. Rol 200cm x 1500cm  € 175.00

Drip line fixing peg

Drip line fixing peg

Mounting Plug for drip irrigation lines.
This product's practical shape makes it easy to quickly and easily attach to the drip irrigation line. Made from high quality plastic material, resistant to adverse weather conditions
+ Tot. height: 16cm, 500g. 100 pcs € 9.95