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Taxus: a tough plant with great longevity
Taxus (Common Yew)is a branch of the conifer family that is known for its great hardiness and its evergreen foliage. These shrubs or trees grow slowly and can reach a great age. All these qualities have made the Taxus very popular with garden landscapers. The Common Yew has red brown bark and green, dark, flat, non prickly needles. This conifer species is very easy to maintain. It is not difficult to prune as it easily regrows, even after severe pruning. From history we know that Taxus wood was one of the most sought after types of wood used for making bows. Its hard wood lended itself perfectly for this purpose. Taxus appears in both Nordic and Christian mythology. The Taxus can often be seen in church or presbytery gardens. Nowadays, this plant is used for the production of an anti-cancer drug.

A wide variety of appearances and uses
The Taxus is ideal for both hedge and topiary planting. Some species are even suitable for ground cover. The different varieties available do not all have the same copmpactness and do not all produce berries. Here you will find a wide range of Taxus trees available in different shapes and sizes. Under each variety you will find the recommended number of trees to be planted per square meter when planting a hedge.