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Plant accessoires


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Here is everything to help you in your hobby! We have pots, fertilizer, compost, mulch, indicators and measuring tools, garden tools and winter protection.

4 in 1 Bluetooth Plant Care Monitor

+  250g.  € 39.95

4 in 1 Soil Tester

Digital soil tester

This meter shows pH, soil moisture, temperature and light intensity
Some plants grow better in slightly acidic soil, some better in more alkaline soil.
With this 4 in 1 soil meter you can check in your garden, vegetable garden, lawn and potted plants whether the soil is suitable for a particular plant. Use the device to measure growing conditions for all kinds of plants indoors and outdoors. You can also check the humidity in the soil, the temperature and intensity of sunlight using this ground meter.
This 4 in 1 pH soil meter can be especially useful in lawn care in determining the soil conditions in different areas of your garden and finding the correct lawn seed and fertilizer. Bad spots in the lawn can be caused by poor drainage (wet soil, test the moisture), too much or too little acidity (test the pH), or the wrong light level (test light and use appropriate seed mix (sun/shade).
+  550g.  € 32.95

Allflor Iron fertilizer

Iron Lawn Fertilizer

Can be used on lawns, gardens, shrubs, trees and roses. Promotes thick green turf without excessive growth.
Safe to use year round. Turns yellow foliage green.

Extra Iron for your plants. Use 25g per square metre.

+  10Kg. 1 x 10 Kg € 9.95

Allflor multi-effect fertilizer

Calcium cyanamide lime nitrogen

This is a multi-effect fertilizer. It promotes soil structure and soil life, increases soil fertility and improves harvest quality.
+  5Kg. 5 kg € 7.95
+  10Kg. 10 kg € 17.95

Allflor potassium fertilizer

Potassium Fertilzer

Allflor Thomaskali contains calcium as an important minor component. Regular use makes separate liming superfluous. The fertilizer contains 26% CaO (calcium oxide) besides the main ingredients.

When using on sensitive crops it's best to fertilise in the autumn and not immediately before sowing or planting. Seedlings of celery, carrots, lettuce and radish are particularly sensitive to salt. Berries, strawberries and fruit trees are also sensitive.
+  5Kg. 5 kg € 5.95
+  10Kg. 10 kg € 9.95

Allflor Winter Festival Fertilizer

Potassium and Magnesium fertilizer for winter

Allflor ® Winter Festival is a high-quality two-nutrient fertilizer which strengthens plant construction and promotes the production of chlorophyll. Potassium and magnesium deficiency is effectively eliminated.

Specially for exotics in open ground. By using this product around October your plants will be strengthened in the winter!
+  3Kg. 1 x 3 Kg € 9.95