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Pest and disease control


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We would rather not have to deal with the garden 'baddies'; pest and disease. But if we do have to deal with them, these products do it efficiently and well!

Anti Red Spider mite SMC

Spider mite Control

This is our favourite remedy for mites. It works mechanically – by suffocating them with an ultra-thin film of special oil. Completely safe to humans.
+  100g. Bottle 100ml € 12.95

Bargain set for indoor palms

Bargain set for indoor palms

1x 7 Yellow Sticky Traps: To collect a huge number of bugs and sciaridae
1x Bottle Anti Red Spider Mite: Completely safe to humans
1x Bottle of Palm focus. Excellent feeding for palms and exotics.
1x Bottle of Palmbooster :for root systems and green, healthy growth
+  950g. 1 Set € 37.95

Dandelion stop

Dandelion stop

A simple, natural and environmentally friendly weed control. Dandelion stopper is a one meter long tube that is filled with dishwasher salt. With every touch of the dandelion a small dose of salt is applied. After 2 weeks, all dandelions are dehydrated and overgrown by grass. In an hour you can easily treat 500 plants!
+  3.5Kg.  € 39.95

Yellow Sticky Traps

Yellow sticky insect traps

Peel off the backing paper and hang the card amongst plants. It will collect
a huge number of bugs and give a clear idea of what the problems are.
+  150g. pack of 7 sticky traps € 12.95