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Palm accessories


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From palmbooster to coir, palm focus to thermostats, we have everything you need to propagate, nurture and enjoy your beautiful palm trees.

4 in 1 Bluetooth Plant Care Monitor

+  250g.  € 39.95

Allflor Iron fertilizer

Iron Lawn Fertilizer

Can be used on lawns, gardens, shrubs, trees and roses. Promotes thick green turf without excessive growth.
Safe to use year round. Turns yellow foliage green.

Extra Iron for your plants. Use 25g per square metre.

+  10Kg. 1 x 10 Kg € 9.95

Anti Red Spider mite SMC

Spider mite Control

This is our favourite remedy for mites. It works mechanically – by suffocating them with an ultra-thin film of special oil. Completely safe to humans.
+  100g. Bottle 100ml € 12.95

Bargain set for indoor palms

Bargain set for indoor palms

1x 7 Yellow Sticky Traps: To collect a huge number of bugs and sciaridae
1x Bottle Anti Red Spider Mite: Completely safe to humans
1x Bottle of Palm focus. Excellent feeding for palms and exotics.
1x Bottle of Palmbooster :for root systems and green, healthy growth
+  950g. 1 Set € 37.95

Bettergrow Horticultural Grit

Hydro potting grit

BetterGrow Horticultural Grit is ideal to enhance drainage and open up the structure of compost or a repotting mix. It adds weight and makes the container more stable. it is also ideal for top dressing pots - especially recommended for alphines, rock plants, cacti and succulents - and to suppress weeds. It can also be used to decorate rockeries. This horticultural medium-grade grit is uniform, lime free and washed.
+  2.75Kg. 2 liter bucket € 4.95

Bettergrow Perlite


BetterGrow Perlite absorbs and holds vast quantities of air and moisture which helps prevent compaction. It improves aeration and drainage in potting and seed sowing mixes which will help to avoid root diseases and assist healthy root growth. It is easy to handle, stable and long-lasting.

This medium-grade perlite (grade 35) is produces from a naturally occurring non-toxic, natural volcanic rock which is heated to a high temperature to produce a ligthweight micro-porous structure.

It is a good way to germinate your seeds in this medium too!
+  300g. 2 liter bucket € 4.95