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The fantastic olive is such an important plant that it is embedded in our culture. We associate it with the mediterranean area, providing us with oil and, of course, edible olives. But the plant is also native to areas such as Bermuda, California and the Levant and is grown world wide!

Olea europaea

Olive tree

There's nothing better than an olive tree to bring the Meditteranean into your garden!

Olea europaea retains its light green foliage throughout the winter and looks stunning against, say, a light coloured wall. In a large pot or planted out the olive is happiest in a well drained, sunny spot. Protect well or bring your olive inside in the winter.
HardinessProtect below -7°c
WateringKeep well watered
SunPrefers sunny conditions
Comes fromMeditteranean

+ Tot. height: 110-120cm, trunk: 50-60cm, pot: ø 30cm - 12 ltr., 13.5Kg. Topiary € 24.95
+ Tot. height: 140+cm, trunk: 70-80cm, pot: ø 35cm - 24ltr. , 26.5Kg. Topiary € 44.95
+ Tot. height: 150cmcm, pot: ø 50cm - 50ltr,, Pallet delivery. Pyramide € 89.95
+ Tot. height: 240+cm, trunk: 60-80cm, pot: 50 ltr., Pallet delivery. Trunk 25-35cm circum. € 139.00
+ Tot. height: 230+cm, trunk: 100+cm, pot: 50 ltr., Pallet delivery.  € 99.95
+ Tot. height: 200+cm, trunk: 60-80cm, pot: 70 ltr., Pallet delivery. Trunk 30-40 circum. € 149.00
+ Pot: deco ø 90 cm, Pallet delivery. Pom Pom € 449.00
+ Tot. height: 250cm, pot: 250 ltr., Pallet delivery. Bonzai € 495.00
+ Tot. height: 300cm, pot: 250 ltr., Pallet delivery. Bonzai € 595.00

Olive Focus

Olive fertilizer

Developed specifically for olives grown in containers, usually in conservatories and
greenhouses. Once again the emphasis is on support of long-term fertility in the pots for plants that may go many years before being re-potted.
+  300g. Bottle 300ml € 4.95
+  1Kg. Bottle 1 Liter € 9.95