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The need for adequate irrigation is often underestimated and is seen somewhat as a chore by many a gardener. For others watering is a pleasant activity, particularly on warm, summer even@ings! Many forget, however, that in the cold of winter, for example, the real killer may be lack of water and not the cold! Your mastery of your garden's irrigation starts here with a range of products to help with regular and appropriate irrigation.

4 in 1 Bluetooth Plant Care Monitor

+  250g.  € 39.95

4 in 1 Soil Tester

Digital soil tester

This meter shows pH, soil moisture, temperature and light intensity
Some plants grow better in slightly acidic soil, some better in more alkaline soil.
With this 4 in 1 soil meter you can check in your garden, vegetable garden, lawn and potted plants whether the soil is suitable for a particular plant. Use the device to measure growing conditions for all kinds of plants indoors and outdoors. You can also check the humidity in the soil, the temperature and intensity of sunlight using this ground meter.
This 4 in 1 pH soil meter can be especially useful in lawn care in determining the soil conditions in different areas of your garden and finding the correct lawn seed and fertilizer. Bad spots in the lawn can be caused by poor drainage (wet soil, test the moisture), too much or too little acidity (test the pH), or the wrong light level (test light and use appropriate seed mix (sun/shade).
+  550g.  € 32.95

Drip irrigation system with accessories

Weeper hose

The easiest and most economic way to water your plants. The water drips through thousands of small microscopic holes, good for days you are not at home in combination with the water timer. Palms makes mostly big new roots out of the trunk at the surface. They will grow much better and faster if the soil around the trunk is evenly and constantly damp. Designed for normal taps and even works properly with lower pressure than normal. You do not need to remove in winter if the dripline is empty!
+  7.5Kg. DRIP LINE 50MTR SET WITH ACCESSORIES - see picture € 49.95
+  150g. Drip line per metre 1/2" -0.1 till max. 0.5 bar € 1.10
+  650g. WATERTIMER FOR MAXIMUM 2 HRS - € 17.95

Drip line fixing peg

Drip line fixing peg

Mounting Plug for drip irrigation lines.
This product's practical shape makes it easy to quickly and easily attach to the drip irrigation line. Made from high quality plastic material, resistant to adverse weather conditions
+ Tot. height: 16cm, 500g. 100 pcs € 9.95

Four-way tap splitter

Four-way tap splitter

Get more from your garden taps with this handy four-way splitter with ¾‘‘ connection. Fitting directly to the tap, it features four distributor valves for attaching four separate hoses, which can then be used independently for watering different areas of the garden at the same time.
+  480g. ¾‘‘ € 28.95

Hose weeper 15 Mtr. with Brass Connector

Weeper irrigation hose

The weeper hose is perfect for targeted, water-efficient irrigation of rows of plants, since the hose also works under low pressure. The hose is adapted to fit all major tap connectors
+  1.5Kg. 1/2" x Rol 15 mtr. Biogreen  € 17.95