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Indoor plants


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Why only garden outdoors? By extending your range indoors you can make use of a whole range of plants that are wholly or partially tender, besides making use of garden stalwarts such as ferns. And for real beauty and interest we have ranges of carnivourous plants such as Dionaea and Sarracenea.

Agave attenuata

Fox Tail Agave

One of the most attractive and popular Agaves, this species from central Mexico has very wide, unarmed, fleshy and soft, pale green to blue green leaves with a felty texture, and forms a leaning or creeping trunk with age.

A great plant for frost-free subtropics and for indoor cultivation
HardinessKeep above 0°c
WateringLikes dry conditions
SunPrefers sunny conditions
Comes fromMexico

+ Tot. height: 20-30cm, pot: ø 14cm, 450g.  € 5.95

Aloe brevifolia

Short Leaf Aloe

The Aloe brevifolia plant is vigorous and multiplies well if planted and cared for in the right conditions. This plant forms round colourful clumps in the garden. The leaves of the Aloe brevifolia are edged with fleshy white thorns that point inwards.

It enjoys full sun, and if exposed to full sun, vibrant colours will appear in the leaves!
HardinessProtect below -3°c
WateringLikes dry conditions
SunPrefers sunny conditions

+ Tot. height: 60-80cm, pot: ø 24 cm, 7.8Kg. Multittrunks € 27.95

Anti Red Spider mite SMC

Spider mite Control

This is our favourite remedy for mites. It works mechanically – by suffocating them with an ultra-thin film of special oil. Completely safe to humans.
+  100g. Bottle 100ml € 12.95

Archontophoenix alexandrae

King Palm Tree

The Archontophoenix alexandrae is a beautiful indoor palm which is certainly not easily obtainable. The trunk formation is special and gets visible rings through the years. In it's natural habitat it can grow up to 12 meters, but this is not possible in our climate. However at favourable conditions in a garden, office or hot-house it can reach an acceptable growth rate.
HardinessProtect below -3°c
WateringWater moderately
SunLight shadow / sun
Comes fromTest

+ Tot. height: 170-200cm, pot: ø 30cm, Pallet delivery.  € 39.95

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana

Bangalow Palm-King Palm/Cunninghams Palm tree

This is a very similar palm to Archontophoenix alexandrae in both appearance and size. But it is more cold-tolerant. These palms can be grown in full sun (if kept well watered), or in the shade.

They do like more water than most palms, with some even thriving in poorly drained areas. In their native habitat, they can often be seen growing next to and even in creek beds. It makes a good house- or conservatory plant if the light is good. This palm's natural habitat is the rainforest of Australia.

This is an excellent indoor plant if kept in a sunny place!

We recommend Palmbooster for this plant!

To help your palm develop strong roots during the growing season, and particularly after transplantation, we strongly recommend the use of Palmbooster. In the spring, try a combination with palmfocus.
HardinessProtect below -3°c
WateringWater moderately
SunLight shadow / sun
Comes fromAustralian rain forest

+ Tot. height: 40-50cm, pot: ø 13cm, 950g. Multitrunk € 10.95
+ Tot. height: 130-150cm, pot: deco ø 23cm - 5,4 ltr., 5.4Kg.  € 34.95

Asparagus meyeri

Foxtail Fern

Asparagus "Meyeri" is an upright growing asparagus herb with fox-tail shaped fronds, which can be up to 50 cm (1 foot) long and 8 cm (3 inches) wide. It likes warm and moist conditions and as such is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.
HardinessIndoor plant
WateringKeep well watered
SunLight shadow / sun

+ Tot. height: 60-70cm, pot: ø 18cm, 3Kg.  € 9.95