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Hedge and shrub accessories


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Keep your shrubs in shape with our range of accessories, composts and fertilizers!

Allflor Hydrangea Blue

Hydrangea mest

Allflor Garment fertilizer 1 kg
Allflor hydrangea blue is suitable for the coloring of red and pink hydrangea flowers and for lightening of blue hydrangeas.

Application in spring / autumn
Excellent color results
Simple application
To dissolve
97.5% NH4Al (SO4)? - 12H20
+  1Kg. Emmer € 8.95

BIOFLOR boxwood and Green Plant Soil

BIOFLOR boxwood and Green Plant Soil

Special soil for planting and further cultivation of box trees and plants.

Optimal care of the plants in the first 4 - 6 weeks. Ideal for garden and pot planting.
+  13.5Kg. 1 x 20 Ltr € 5.95
+  Pallet delivery. 10 x 20 Ltr. € 49.95

Bioflor natural organic fertilizer

Bioflor natural organic fertilizer

Pure natural organic fertilizer to improve soil nutrients and nitrogen. Suitable for all garden crops and container, pot plants and formal planting.
+  2.25Kg. 1 x 2,5 kg € 7.95
+  4.45Kg. 1 x 5 kg € 12.95

Camellia Focus

Camellia fertiliser liquid

For camellias, and other acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons and azaleas in
containers. Also an excellent formula for blueberries. This formula is designed to support vigorous plant growth in the acidic soil in which these plants flourish.
+  550g. Bottle 300ml € 4.95

Cherry Laurel fertilizer

Cherrry Laurel fertilizer

Very use-able for most hedges like laurel, Chamaecypris and Thuja conifers. The combination of fast and slow release in one product helps produce the right colour and growth of your hedge and other solitary conifers.
+  3Kg. 1 x 3 Kg € 9.95

Coconut mat

Optimal antifreeze-Fence-Hedge

High quality (8 mm), 100% coconut fibers with natural latex as a binder - to cover pots and potted plants. To protect against wind, cold and snow on trees, shrubs and plants. Optimal antifreeze!

As well a good solution for a fence as this coconut mat is excellent in combination with climbers.
+  5Kg. Rol 100cm x 300cm € 20.95
+  9.5Kg. Rol 200cm x 300cm  € 39.95
+  Pallet delivery. Rol 200cm x 500cm € 69.95
+  Pallet delivery. Rol 200cm x 1500cm  € 175.00