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Grass turf and grass seed


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A pleasant lawn, free of weeds and well drained, is a beautiful thing. Our seeds and turves will get you going the right way. Choose from our varieties of durable and attractive grasses for years of green pleasure.

Grass seeds

Grass seeds

Robust, fast-growing ornamental grass varieties, which tolerate footfall well. Versatile and well suited to wet locations. At medium usage, the mixture requires no special care and produces a beautiful, hard-wearing lawn.

Application: 25-30g / m²
+  1Kg. 1 kg € 5.95
+  2.5Kg. 2,5 kg € 14.75
+  10Kg. 10 kg € 49.95

Grass seeds- Shadow lawn

Grass seeds

Usage: 30-50g/m² depending on sowing technique. Good sowing times are spring and autumn to May until October. It's important to apply the seed evenly, using a spreader if possible. After application, the ground should be rolled or flattened with the back of a rake. The newly seeded lawns should be kept slightly moist until germination and if possible you should avoid walking on them until the shoots have appeared. Subsequent frequent mowing encourages strong growth and a dense lawn. Always remove clippings after mowing.
+ Pot: 1x 1 kg, 1Kg.  € 5.95
+ Pot: 1x 2,5 kg, 2.5Kg.  € 14.95

Grass seeds, Sport grass

Gras seeds

This low maintenance lawn forms a nice dense turf and is suitable for almost any location!
The specially selected grasses make this sports and games lawn extremely hardwearing and easy to care for. Each species of grass has proven itself over the years and is recommended by gardeners.
+  2.5Kg. 2,5 kg € 14.95

Lawn Border

Garden Lawn Border-Edge

3.20 m flower bed edge
- Set of 4
- Choice of colours
- Side Height 10 cm
- Each element 80cm long
+  1.3Kg. Colour: Black € 9.95
+  1.3Kg. Colour: White € 9.95
+  1.3Kg. Colour: Terracotta € 9.95
+  1.3Kg. Colour: Green € 9.95
+  1.3Kg. Colour: Grey € 9.95
+  1.3Kg. Colour: Brown € 9.95