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Compost is unmissable for a well-developed garden; it gives the soil structure and food. Here's our extensive range of composts and associated products.

Allflor Blooming Magic

flower mest

Water-soluble blooming and nutrient concentrate with all important trace elements. Additional iron to prevent yellowing of the leaves.

For all mature balcony or potted plants with the exception of young plants.
+  1Kg. 1 x 1kg € 8.75

Allflor Cacti fertilizer

Cacti fertilizer

Special fertilizer for cacti. Promotes a strong and healthy growth through its balanced and plant-rich nutrient combination and strengthens the cell structure.
+  500g. 500ml € 5.95

Allflor Flower fertilizer Universal

Allflor fertilizer

Special nutrient formula for all rooms and balcony plants.
+  1Kg. 1L for 150ltr. Water € 4.95

Allflor Flower fertilizer with Guano

Fertilizer for room- and balconyplants

Special nutrient formula Plus Guano for all rooms and balcony plants.
+  1Kg. 1L for 150ltr. water € 7.95

Allflor Garden fertilizer

All-purpose fertilizer

Allflor garden fertilizer is made from organic and mineral raw materials. With its balanced nutrient composition, this special fertilizer has a favourable effect on growth,flowering, fruit and taste. It enriches and animates the soil and keeps it fertile.

With its composition of organic matter and numerous naturally bound trace elements, Allflor garden fertilizer provides both an immediate and a long-term effect and also provides for valuable, soil-improving humus formation.
+  2.5Kg. 2,5kg for 50m² € 7.95

Allflor Hydrangea Blue

Hydrangea mest

Allflor Garment fertilizer 1 kg
Allflor hydrangea blue is suitable for the coloring of red and pink hydrangea flowers and for lightening of blue hydrangeas.

Application in spring / autumn
Excellent color results
Simple application
To dissolve
97.5% NH4Al (SO4)? - 12H20
+  1Kg. Emmer € 8.95