These plants are unique, very decorative and useful for the layout of your garden. Ferns do well in shady and semi-shady areas. These plants have become more popular in recent years. Large or small, beautiful ferns produce a wonderful effect all year round. You will find the ideal plant at MyPalmShop.com

A large variety of species available

Ferns are available in a wide range of shapes and colours. The leaf colours can vary from vivid dark green to bright red. There are even purple coloured ferns available. Besides the usual low-growing ferns, we also have an extensive range of tree ferns. An example of the tree fern is the beautiful Dicksonia antarctica. For the true fern lovers, classics such as the Cyathea are still available. There is also a large selection of various ferns available from MyPalmShop.com. You can easily choose a plant that meets your needs. Are you looking for a hardy fern for example? And would you like it to have a colour? Everything is possible.

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